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Our founder, Brian Caruso, saw his wife suffering with chronic Lyme Disease symptoms including physical pain & insomnia and prescription drugs not bridging the gap to wellness. He set out to find a natural solution, which led him to CBD and hemp oil. Brian had his wife try several brands with minimal relief and knew there needed to be a pharmacy-quality product for anyone to benefit from. Zion Medicinals was born.
Why choose Zion Medicinals’ Hemp CBD Affiliate Program
High quality products

Why do the quality of a product matter to an affiliate? Because if the product works, customers will like return and purchase again. And with our 60 day cookie, you’ll likely get that re-order commission as well (and maybe even a recurring subscription).

High dollar value products

Make more money with less effort. We only produce the highest quality products and therefore price them accordingly. You will earn higher commissions than other hemp oil affiliate programs on the market.

Recurring subscription products

We offer our customers a way to save money by setting up a recurring subscription of hemp oil. This means that YOU can also receive a recurring commission every month as long as that customer subscribes!

Tier 2 commission

We want to reward our affiliates who want to let others know about our program. So if signs up for our affiliate program under your account, you will then receive 10% of t

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  1. Zion Medicinals Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil
    Zion Medicinals was created to find natural solutions to chronic issues like pain & sleep. Spagyric Extracted Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil was the answer.

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