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"Youshan is the first class agent of chuck, hydraulic system, cutter tool, machine tool, manipulator etc.. Meanwhile, We also offer other equipments, such as hydraulic jack, hydraulic pump, gas cylinder and so on.

We have our own factory, Sufoor. Sufoor's staff of dedicated, knowledgeable engineers and designers can look at your workholding needs and develop a first class solution to help you achieve your manufacturing output goals. Sufoor has complete production equipments, precision testing equipments and has been supplied workholding to Honda, Ford, Volkswagen, Bosch, NSK etc., and also cooperate with Feeler, Doosan, DMG, Chiron-Werke, Brother etc. to provide customer turn-key project."
We have get 100 Cooperative partner but just in China,I am now expand my business to global for brand and products.

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  1. Machining Bracket Fixtures,Hydraulic Chuck,Bearing Fixture Manufacturers
    Hydraulic Chuck Workholding Manufacturers,we are provide professional Bracket Fixtures,Bearing Fixture,Hydraulic Fixtures and so on

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