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Author, speaker on weight loss, diet and weight related health matters, HJ's expertise is in behavior change. His particular interest/speciality is behavior change and weight loss. His passion is to help people to lose weight permanently and enjoy a slim healthy life.
Affiliates who recognize that The Slim Habit is a very special weight loss program that can make a real difference to people's lives. Why? Because it gets to the very heart of what permanent weight loss is all about - making change - making change by learning new eating and lifestyle habits - slim habits. This is a weight loss breakthrough! I want affiliates that will enthusiastic and energetic in getting the message across.

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    The Slim Habit pays 75% commission through Clickbank. This is a program that is about losing weight permanently by making change and learning new eating and lifestyle habits - Slim Habits that deliver permanent weight loss. New, innovative, effective, this is a weight loss breakthrough!

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