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Robin Joy Wirth is a freelance writer and artist interested in drawing in more traffic to the books with her own name on them using a writer's website. It is still under construction but now needs to begin to monetize.
Note: I am hand coding the site and want to give it a bit of a retro feel. I am a marketing newbie so I'm busily making plenty of mistakes as I go, but hopefully I'll soon figure that part out!
At the moment I am looking for some way to monetize my website in keeping with the interests and theme I am creating. I intend to place banners here and there and probably get people to visit the site through search engines and such, the theme being authors/writers/readers/crafting stories/etc, but also creating stuff like writer's tools and a steamy interactive fiction game. Will be seeking companies which that sort of audience is likely to click on.

Robin's Websites
  1. RedShadow's Quill
    A site for writer's of steamy romances to improve the skills using tips, tools and examples. It also contains a steamy interactive fiction about shape shifting dragons in an underground world. This site is hand coded, learning as I go type of thing, very unique feel to it.

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