PointClick LLC runs an Incentive-based Rewards Network named "Git-R-Free.com". We currently run over 450 unique campaigns to our users to insure they are truly interested in the campaigns they choose when participating in our rewards program. After a user has participated in a few campaigns they are required to seek referrals in order to earn their gift.

We offer many different incentives to our users, such as Hot Tubs, ATVs, Big Screen TVs, Exercise Equipment, Lawn Mowers, Video Games, Ipods, and more.

We take pride in our fraud prevention techniques and every user is verified upon sign-up with telesign.com phone verification BEFORE they can participate in our sites.

We use multiple forms of Banner Advertisements, Google Adwords, and more to drive traffic to our sites.

USA and Canadian traffic. (Some UK is a possibility)
Always looking to find more companies we can become affiliated with whom has "incentive allowed" campaigns that we can add to our database.

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  1. Git-R-Free
    Gift Rewards Site - Users Simply sign-up, participate in a few offers, refer a few friends, then get Free Products and Gifts AT NO CHARGE. -- Free Shipping as well. Over 450 offers to choose from!

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