CEO, United States offers affiliates/webmasters/publishers a unique opportunity to find exactly the (dating cpa, cps, cpl) offer they are looking for at the highest payout in the specific niche they want quickly and easily. We also offer advertisers the opportunity to integrate your website/offer into our network for promotion by any of our affiliates or affiliated CPA networks. We have every type of dating offer including tons of pg rated dating all the way to hookup type dating offers and much more! We also offer CPA Networks the opportunity to include our offers in their network for their affiliates to promote/advertise.

We are a Dating CPA Network built by affiliates for affiliates. Our ownership and mangement have over 10 years experience in both mainstream and dating specific internet advertising as all three facets (affiliate, network, and advertiser) so suffice to say we know what we are doing! We are on a first name basis with most of the large dating companies as well as large cpa
I am looking for specific contact information for advertisers I would like to work with directly and also to network with other internet marketing gurus.

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