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I use my doctoral hours in Transformative Learning and Change to offering products and practices that are leading-edge for well-being and joy in all areas of life.

At 68 I have a very broad area and life experience. I do not "teach" I co-learn and all my work is evidence-based.

I am also an author of a children's program, Who's in Charge of My Life? I intend to write another volume that will include consciousness and epigenetics.

I am also working with a leading epigeneticist on a book that we believe will be revolutionary regarding natural wellness.
I am looking for products and practices that expand life, are sustainable, green and non-toxic as epigenetics is all about detoxing life inside and out and much needed now.

I would like to create a space that (I have many online) that calls in buyers and clients with money and openness.

I am interested in Merchants with a similar intent of well-being and joy for all.

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  1. Living Co-creatively.com
    An extremely eclectic site featuring my original writing and products that I feel are worthy.

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