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Jethro Garcia is an SEO specialist based in Manila, Philippines.

Jethro, has a traditional experience in web design and web development. Yet his focus lies on digital marketing as he is greatly driven by his passion for helping website owners land on the first page of Google and other major search engines. Using all the relevant skills, knowledge, and experience that he has acquired over the years, he aims to be the best digital marketing specialist in the future.

Outside the professional world, Jethro loves to travel and explore different places, around and outside the city of Manila, Philippines. When not travelling, he’s either attending great parties or hooked in watching movies and TV series. He’s love for such activities have made him become a blogger in Manila.

This paved the way for him to create The Five Lists – a one-stop review blog that provides comprehensive and honest reviews about travel, nightlife, and restaurants. Through this review blog, he’s able to inspire peopl
The Five Lists don’t just offers engaging 5-point articles, but it also features comprehensive reviews on restaurants, travel, and nightlife. For foodies, this review blog can also provide reliable reviews on different restaurants, such as buffet, café, casual dining and fine dining. For travelers, this blog can also provide reliable reviews on hotels, resorts and cities. For party animals, this blog can also provide reliable reviews of bars, nightclubs, wine bars, and nightlife events.

The man behind The Five Lists, Jethro Garcia, will make sure that the readers will be able to stay informed and updated on his experiences on nightlife, restaurants, and travel escapades. As a Filipino blogger, his sole purpose is not just to become one of the owners of popular Filipino blogs, but to be of great help to a growing number of curious millennials as well. Not like the other Filipino bloggers and blogs, Jethro and The Five Lists will give you an easy access to a wide range of useful reviews

Jethro's Websites
  1. The Five Lists
    The Five Lists is a review blog that aims to provide travel nomads, food nerds and night owls, an access to valuable and engaging reviews on nightlife, travel, and restaurant. It is created by Jethro Garcia, whose intention is to inform and entertain all readers with his reviews.

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