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We are a publishing/marketing company that has a prestigious online showcase featuring Premier Doctors. We are adding a catalog to the showcase with the best products available for health/fitness/image/lifestyle. We will be expanding to major cities and are looking to work with the best brands and products. We will be reaching hundreds of thousands of people. Our platform allows us to not only feature products, but make it interactive. We will design (with product/brand final approval) a full page display to go in this interactive catalog, on the product/brand with a link. If the product has a video or audio, we can put that on the page as well.
We are looking for top products and services for beauty, fitness, health, wellness, lifestyle, etc. Interactive platform where we showcase premier products/services in a prestigious environment that women (and men) love to shop through!

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  1. Health & Image
    Online guide featuring amazing products for health/image/fitness/fashion/lifestyle, etc.

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