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I am trading forex. Exness changes their strategy to focus on professional traders. They no longer offer welcome bonus which new traders like. They spent a lot of money to improve trading conditions such as: improving execution speed, lower spread, more stable server, reduce gaps,… Because of these improvements, Exness get more and more big traders. So, they got the highest growth rate last 2 years: 50% annually.
Last March, they got the highest trading volume again and reach new milestone: $375 bln. This achievement increased the gaps among Exness and competitors. Now, their trading volume is triple FxPro, double FXCM!

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  1. Exness got the highest trading volume ever
    As you may know, Exness became the biggest retail forex broker on the world since 3 March 2017. They went over Forexcom ($300 bln). The 10 years old broker got the highest growth rate since end of 2016 because they did many improvements.

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