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BioRepublic SkinCare was founded in 2014 by Paolo Mentonelli and Justin Hong with the goal of adapting Korean skin care innovations to American tastes and values. Our first product line, a series of facial sheet masks, draws inspiration from the sheet mask craze that swept across Asia during the last decade. Every drug store, convenience store, and cosmetic retailer in Asia dedicates an entire wall to sheet masks and we are not going to stop until we see the same kind of success in the United States.

Why are we so confident that sheet masks will be a huge hit in the US? It's simple, they're more effective, more convenient, and feel better than masks currently available in US stores. Give them a try and we promise you'll be hooked by their instant results and convenient format.
We're looking for eager affiliates who can help us promote our line of luxurious, at home skin care treatments. We offer a generous percentage on sales and we put a lot of effort into social media marketing and web design to ensure that we can convert all the traffic you drive to us!

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