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Navigating our fast-paced world can be difficult and overwhelming. Teens and young adults are plagued with anxiety linked to higher expectations and greater pressures. These feelings are becoming increasingly common, with not much being done to address them. In all reality, no one is supposed to have life figured out by his or her mid-twenties. So why live and act that way?

The idea to create A little Less Clueless came about after speaking to younger friends who were still in school and felt unprepared to enter the 'real world'. They were frustrated to be learning about calculus and organic chemistry while they still had no idea how to file their taxes or get a loan. As I gave more and more people advice, it became clear that this is a common feeling amongst young adults. It's a feeling I can relate to myself.
My website is an advice blog and store for young adults. The content includes financial, college, career and general advice. Posts focus on the basics of topics that students feel they should have learn in school in order to be prepared for adult life. I would like to place ads on my website catering to this market, including job search engines and personal finance tools.

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  1. A Little Less Clueless
    A Little Less Clueless (ALLC) is here to serve those who want to learn and grow in their path to "becoming an adult." Our educational articles, practical tools & templates, and experienced consultation & coaching offerings are aimed at fostering a more informed and prepared generation.

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