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Wize.TV Benefits:
* Total Access: Enjoy virtually ANY movie, tv show or music ever made
* Cut The Cord: Eliminate your cable or satellite bill with one simple app
* Commercial & Ad Free: No annoying ads popping up in your face
* No Ongoing Fees: No monthly fees, upsells or premium plans to buy
* Stream To Your TV: Easily stream from a pc, laptop or tablet right to your television
We are new to affiliate marketing and believe we have a strong offer.
$47 one-time fee

50% of of every sale

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  1. WizeTV
    Wize.TV is the leading cord-cutter application for Android and Windows users. Easy to download to your Android phone, tablet or Windows PC. Watch any movie or TV show ever recorded and stop paying the high price of cable. Enjoy virtually ANY movie, tv show or music ever made. Ad-Free. One-time fee.

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